Shelter dog and goat form an unlikely close friendship, find a home together

Animal friendships are always adorable, and there’s something extra sweet about friendships between two different species. Some bonds are so just so close that they transcend any other differences.

That was the case for Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog, a pair of friends so inseparable that their shelter couldn’t split them up, and searched for a home where they could be together.

According to a release from the Wake County government in North Carolina, Cinnamon and Felix came to the Wake County Animal Shelter on March 13 after their owner became unable to care for them any longer.

When the unusual duo arrived at the shelter, it became clear that they were inseparable. “They are best buds and are truly bonded; they even sleep together and have been kept together 24/7 except when they eat,” a Facebook post reads.

The staff said that the bond between Cinnamon and Felix was unlike anything they had ever seen: while both species are very social animals, it’s very uncommon for dogs and goats to bond like this.

“That’s not a normal combination,” Dr. Jennifer Federico, director at Wake County Animal Shelter, told WTVD. “Usually, we have dogs attacking goats so this is just a very unusual group.”

“It shows things are possible and they don’t see the difference.”

Cinnamon and Felix were so close that it was clear that they were a bonded pair, and would need to find a new home who could take them both in. While it was a very unusual situation, the shelter was determined to keep these friends together.

“Whatever the reason for these two bonding, it’s clear what would be best for their well-being is to keep them together,” Dr. Federico told

Thankfully, they were able to find a solution to keep Cinnamon and Felix together: according to an update this afternoon, Wake County Animal Shelter said that a rescue had stepped up to take in the dog and goat as a duo!

It’s clear that Cinnamon and Felix are the best of friends, and we’re so happy to hear that they won’t have to split up after being rescued together!

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