Shelter won’t stop holding new owner’s hand on first ride home: ‘I couldn’t let him go’

Every dog deserves a good, loving home. There’s nothing sweeter than the moment a dog leaves a shelter and goes home with their new owner for the first time, knowing that they are safe and loved.

That’s what one sweet viral video shows, as a rescued pit bull holds hands with his new owner on the car ride to his forever home.

Loki, a 1-year-old pit bull mix, was in the care of the Oconee Humane Society in Seneca, South Carolina. But during his stay in the shelter he reportedly became sick, and needed to be treated at their Pet Care Clinic.

That’s where he met vet tech Abby Arellano, who quickly formed a bond with the rescue dog. She decided to take him home as a medical foster while he recovered from his illness.

Their bond grew, and Loki fit in well with Abby’s family. It was clear they were meant to be together, and after Loki was well enough to return to the adoption center, she decided to adopt him for good.

“I thought he might not make it,” Abby recalled to WCNC Charlotte. “When it came time for him to go back, I couldn’t let him go, so we kept him.”

Abby brought Loki home for good — and on the way home, something incredible happened: Loki grabbed her hand with his paw and held it the entire car ride:

“He’s such a sweet boy,” Abby wrote.

The heartwarming video has gone viral with over 7 million views on TikTok. Many people were moved and said it showed the importance of adopting shelter dogs.

In an update, Abby said Loki was “settling in great and happy to have a home.”


You’ll never have to worry again sweet boy. You’re home now. #lokiandthedanes #rescuedog #adopt #home #safe #sweetdog #foreverhome

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It’s always a special moment when a shelter dog goes to their forever home, but this is definitely one of the most heartwarming! We’re so glad Loki has such a good home and it’s clear he loves his new owner so much!

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