When This Sheltie Sees Herself On A Webcam Her Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

This Shetland Sheepdog looks at her human’s webcam and sees herself, but she isn’t quite sure what to think of it. She looks intently at the screen, and then turns quickly to look at her human.

You can tell by the puzzled look on her face that she’s a little confused. By the way she keeps glancing at her human you can tell she’s looking for answers.

With questions that are probably along the lines of: “Who is this strange dog staring back at me on the screen?” “Why is she copying my every move?”or “Are you even okay with this?”

It’s always hilarious to see how dogs react to different things. They are very intelligent animals, but sometimes their personalities and the things that they do are so wacky that you can’t help but laugh.

The way this sheltie keeps looking back and forth from the webcam to her human is hysterical. At one point she even lets out a little growl. She’s absolutely precious!

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