Shop Owner Opens Its Store and Heart to Stray Cats to Avoid Freezing Outside

The Winter season is hard and there are some places where temperatures are freezing. Sad to know, stray animals cannot escape the cold.

Selçuk Bayal has a small shop and cafe in Istanbul. He decided to help stray animals in the neighborhood.

He opens up his shop to let the stray cats keep warm during the winter. He provides them with food and allows the felines to use the heater.

“They are grateful for any kind of help. The cats’ glances tell us that they are thankful. Our doors are open to all living creatures — hungry cats, dogs, and even people. It does not matter.” Says Bayal.

Of course, they are patrons that were not happy with the idea. That doesn’t stop Bayal from helping the cats and even put up a sign that reads: “Those who are bothered by cats, do not shop here!!”

Animal activists and some people admired Bayal’s doing. Despite the deadly temperature, cats in Istanbul are safe from the cold.

Hopefully, more and more people will help animals in their own little ways.

Source: holidogtimes

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