Sick Puppy Who Was Not Given Much Time To Live Grows To Adulthood In This Heartwarming Time Lapse

Dave Meinert rescued Pegasus when she was just a puppy. The Great Dane had been bred by a backyard breeder and all her siblings had died. As result, Dave was told she wouldn’t have long to live. She would develop health problems, not the least of which would be that she would likely go deaf and blind.

That’s when he decided to treasure every moment he had with her however long they may last. Being a filmmaker, he “set about filming her every day” and did so for 6 months. He integrated her daily exercise (walking on a treadmill) into this wonderful time lapse video. The treadmill is so Pegasus gets enough exercise should she go deaf or blind in the future.

Although Dave is not sure how long Pegasus has remaining, she’s still with him and he continues to enjoy every minute he has with her!

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