Silly German Shepherd Puts Himself In Timeout For Getting In The Trash

Dogs are such intelligent creatures as we all know by now, but sometimes they’re a little too smart for their own good! At times, they just can’t help themselves and feel the need to go look around and stick their noses where they don’t belong, and it can land them in a lot of trouble. And you can tell they know it was wrong because of the guilty looks on their faces!

We’ve all seen those before, and it’s hard to stay mad when they’re acting like that! But have you ever seen a dog so ashamed of his actions that he goes ahead and places himself in timeout? Just wait until you see this in the video below. 😀

“Tell me your dog just did something naughty without telling me your dog just did something naughty,” the video says as a perfect caption.

Source: Rumble Viral

The German Shepherd knows it was wrong to go rooting around in the trash, and he has all kinds of regrets now! The remorseful dog puts his face in the side of the bed as punishment even as Mom tries to console him. She can’t help but laugh and instantly forgive her pooch this time! How silly. 🙂

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