Sleepy Labrador Puppy Moki Loves The A/C

Meet Moki, an adorable labrador retriever puppy who seems to have found an awesome solution to a warm summer day.

She's enjoying the cool comforts of air conditioning – ear just flapping away on the vent!

She moves from vent to vent around the house seeking out cool air. This has to be the best commercial for air conditioning ever!

God, you're killin me here Moki… this is too much cuteness to handle! I wonder if it makes him dream about flying… 🙂

Lol, look at those EARS!!!! This video definitely needs the “Neverending Story” theme song… FALCOOOOR! 🙂

He's so cute, but i hope he doesn't get sick. Maybe he's used to it? New puppy smell throughout the house!!! 😀

Watch this adorable lab pup cool himself down on the a/c!

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