Exhausted Military Dog Sways Back And Forth As He Tries His Best To Stay Awake

Life in a military camp is never easy as that’s where soldiers learn to survive and perform their duties in the worst of terrains.

In this charming little video, we see a bunch of tough soldiers sharing a rare lighthearted moment thanks to their super tired German Shepherd buddy!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

Being a vigilant military watchdog is hard enough, but this German Shepherd is totally drained from his experience of camping in the middle of the stressful forest.

So we really can’t blame the poor thing for feeling drowsy right in the middle of his job! But as the wet forest soil is no place to lie down, he starts dozing off while still sitting up!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

The soldiers can barely contain their giggles as they watch their darling dog struggle to keep his eyes open. The sleepy pooch repeatedly tumbles over as he fails to hold a steady footing on the ground.

He oscillates from one human shoulder to another, before finally resigning himself to the soldier to his right!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

We are so glad this hardworking German Shepherd eventually found the coziest “spot” to rest his exhausted body.

This good boy drifting in and out of slumber totally reminded us of all those times we battled to stay awake! He is undoubtedly the new spirit animal for all the weary souls out there!

Click the video below to watch the exhausted military dog adorably losing his battle with sleep!

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