Smart dog leads owner to find missing cat trapped in 100-foot mine shaft

Smart dog leads owner to find missing cat trapped in 100-foot mine shaft

Cats and dogs are stereotypically thought of as enemies, but in reality they have each other’s backs. In one recent case, a quick-thinking dog stepped up to save the life of a cat who was stuck down a 100-foot mine shaft.

Michele Rose, from Cornwall, England, was worried after her cat Mowgli went missing and was nowhere to be found. After 6 days, she had “almost given up hope,” she told BBC News.

But another one of her pets, a dog named Daisy, soon gave her a crucial clue to finding her lost cat.

Daisy was acting strange and kept running in and out of the woods near her home. Michele took notice and followed her dog down the trail — until the dog stopped in front of a mineshaft.

Michele discovered that Mowgli was trapped in the mine shaft, 100 feet below.

She contacted the RSPCA and Cornwall Fire and Rescue, who the next morning embarked on a rescue mission to rescue the trapped cat. According to the RSPCA, they used a rope rescue team to reach Mowgli and bring him back safe.

Remarkably, despite the whole ordeal, Mowgli was uninjured. “[He is] now safe and sound back at home recovering from his cat-astrophe!” the RSPCA wrote.

Mowgli is now at home, resting along with his owner, his fellow cat Baloo and hero dog Daisy. Michele says it’s all thanks to her real-life Lassie that Mowgli was found in time.

“Daisy is a superstar, she’s an amazing dog,” she told BBC. “Without Daisy doing that Mowgli could still be down there, that’s for sure… She was persistent in making me follow her, it was amazing.”

Dogs are such incredible, instinctive animals who have remarkable abilities for finding lost people and animals. Thank you to Daisy for helping to find Mowgli safe and sound!

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