Dog abandoned on camera can’t stop smiling after being adopted

Last year, the world was left in shock when a footage from a nearby store showed a pet owner ditching his dog in the middle of the road. After doing so, he got back into his vehicle and started driving, leaving the petrified and confused Staffordshire bull terrier jumping up at the car.

The fact that this horrific act took place just days before Christmas made people feel even more heartbroken. No one could understand how someone could show such cruelty towards an innocent pet in the midst of the period that is all about sharing and caring.

After the footage went viral, many offered lovely Snoop a forever home. And now, almost three month after the ordeal, he finally got his happy ending and we can’t be happier. The person who got to adopt famous Snoop is Laurence Squire, a devoted owner.

“One evening I was watching the news when Snoop’s story came on,” Squire said in a statement. “What happened to him was shocking, and it was clear from the footage — in the way that he tried to get back into the car — that he was a loyal dog.”

What Snoop had to go through, however, made him lost his trust in the human kind. But, his new owner is there to change all that and help him overcome the separation anxiety he’s currently experiencing. The good thing is that Squire works from home and is able to be around the pup around the clock.

An RSPCA’s spokesperson paid Snoop a visit at his new home and says how the dog is feeling much better already. It’s obvious he’s happy and spends his days having lots of fun.

“The love and attention he is getting now from Laurence is wonderful,” Butler said. “Snoop is living like a king.”

He enjoys doing what any other dog does and that’s taking long naps, running freely at the nearby park, playing fetch, and hanging around with other dogs.

“I thought that he seemed like the perfect dog for me and that I could offer him the home he deserved,” Squire said. “As soon as he came into the house for the first time, he jumped on the sofa and it was as though he decided that was the space for him! He loves to lie on the back of the sofa and if I put the fire on, he will curl up in front of it.”

We really hope no other dog should ever experience what it feels like to be abandoned. As for Snoop, we wish him a happy and a healthy life with his new human dad who loves him to the moon and back.

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