Soldier Has To Leave Puppy Behind In Iraq – Now Watch His Reaction When Reunited

War can take a horrible toll on the soldiers who risk their lives every day to keep us safe – so any type of fun distraction is more than welcome! Former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch and the troops on his base in Iraq found their bit of joy in a lovable puppy named Ollie who wandered on their base.

Everyone on the base loved Ollie and enjoyed when he came close to cuddle or ask for rubs! “He was there when we left on our missions, he was there when we got back,” Ken shared with CBS News. Ollie turned into a mascot of sorts and was a huge boost to morale every time something bad happened on base. His wagging tail and big puppy licks were enough to boost each soldier's mood, even if was just a tiny bit!

So when Ken returned home and got word that Ollie was still stuck in Iraq, he jumped back into action. Ken called SPCA International and asked if they would be able to help Ollie get from the warn-torn Middle East, all the way back to his home in sunny California. The group pulled some strings, and Ollie made the long trek to his new home and loving puppy dad! Now they can spend their days safe and happy together.

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