Soldier’s Emotional Reunion With The Dog He Thought He Lost Forever

Whether it’s an hour, a day, a year, or longer, it’s never easy being away from your loved ones.

Many times when our brave soldiers go away on deployment, the hardest part of their journey is leaving behind those they care about. Whether it’s a new family member like in this video or a furry friend that comforts them in times of need, the only thing that gives them peace is knowing their loved ones are healthy, happy and safe at home.

That’s exactly why it was so difficult for U.S. Army Specialist Henry Alvarado to leave his dog Dukey when he was re-stationed in Alaska. While Alvarado was preparing for his big move at home in Los Angeles, his German Shepherd pal was struck by a car and it was uncertain whether or not he would survive. Alvarado could not cover the medial costs for Dukey’s surgery on his own and was forced to leave the dog behind, under his military orders, since the dog would not likely survive the trip.

Fortunately, the amazing organization Rescue From The Hart heard about Dukey’s sad story and started a fund, so people could help donate money to pay for the dog’s surgery. Weeks later, Dukey was done with rehab and finally able to go live with Alvarado in their new home. When the soldier lets his dog out of the crate at the airport, my heart just melted.

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