Man Abandons His Dog Twice In 2 Days Because ‘He’s Old And Pees Everywhere’

When we get a dog, they aren’t just a pet, they become a member of our family. A dog is not a part-time commitment, it is a lifetime commitment, at least for the animal’s lifetime. If you don’t plan on keeping the dog for its whole life, then it’s best not to get one.

They shouldn’t be looked upon as “toys” for your children, and they shouldn’t be given away once they grow out of their adorable puppy stages. Dogs are meant to grow old with us, and they depend on us to care for them and love them like they deserve.

One Fall River, Massachusetts man decided that he didn’t want his dog anymore once it grew old. He betrayed the dog and abandoned him twice in two days because he no longer wanted to care for him. 

The man, Corey Souza, has since been arrested for animal abandonment. Souza admitted that he drove his Jack Russell Terrier, Cosmo, to Sakonnet Point in Little Compton, to purposely abandon him.


Cosmo was found at Lloyds Beach the following day and was reunited with Souza. But the day after that, Souza abandoned the dog again.

When interrogated by police, Souza told them that Cosmo was “old and peed everywhere in the house and no longer wanted to take care of him.”

He also told the reporting officer that he “did not want Cosmo to die in his house because he was old,” and that he “had no intention of ever coming back to pick up Cosmo.”

Souza has since been released from jail and is scheduled to appear in court on July 23. It is believed that Cosmo will be cared for by Souza’s father, David.

H/T to NBC 10 News.

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