Starving To Death And Unable To Make It Alone- Pack Took Him In To Fight His Fight

We are often astounded by the resilience of a dog who wants to live. A dog, who otherwise shouldn’t even be able to stand, isn’t just standing– he’s fighting for survival.

Meet Salvador.


To say rescuers were shocked to see him is an understatement. He was a walking skeleton. Sickly, starving, and covered in mats– Salvador waited for a miracle. But… He still had hope. He still had heart.

Rescuers put food down and let him eat before grabbing him from the middle of the road and wrapping him up in a blanket because he was honestly too frail to touch. His bones painfully protruded.

Salvador was brought back to the rescue center where he received a full evaluation and a delicate bath. He was severely malnourished and anemic.

Salvador had a long, rough road ahead but the dog was already a warrior. His rescuers knew he’d keep fighting!


He was eager to eat and began putting on weight. His new friends accepted him into the pack in spite of how different he looked. In fact, they kept his spirits up.

They showed him love and acceptance. His new friends were determined to remain at his side and fight along with him.


Steadily, Salvador began to recover. He got stronger. He now realized that food would be there every day. He would no longer have to worry about his next meal.


This miracle dog’s transformation will BLOW YOU AWAY! His rescuers could hardly believe their own eyes! Just look at him now! He’s a healthy happy boy in a loving forever home!


Watch Salvador’s dramatic story below. Be sure to give his rescuers and dog friends a deserving round of applause for their amazing efforts.

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