Mom Confronts Dog About Chewed Up Glasses, Dog Tries To Scam Mom And Escape

It is amazing how dogs are so expressive with their emotions. Whether they are happy, sad or excited, they never fail to show it. But the moment they are caught guilty of mischief, it’s an entirely different story!

Source: Mike Eaton/YouTube

In this hilarious video, we have the sweet dog Rooney, who is living his ‘worst nightmare,’ as Mom Stephanie confronts him for chewing-up her reading glasses. The once-useful eyewear was found battered in the garden, and Rooney knows it is “game over” for him!

However, Rooney won’t go out without a fight! He tries to make a disastrous poker face, which only makes him look guiltier. He then ducks his head while looking up at the camera, and makes sad puppy eyes in hopes of forgiveness.

Source: Mike Eaton/YouTube

Stephanie still seems mad at him, so Rooney decides to just run out to hide in a corner, hoping that the whole mess he created would go away. Poor baby! He even turns back to give Mom an apologetic look before walking away! Who could stay angry at that adorable face? We hope Stephanie forgave him quickly!

Check out the video below to watch Rooney’s hilarious sheepish face after being busted by Mom!

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