Stray Bulldog Wanders Around Neighborhood Fire Department, Ends Up Getting Adopted By Miley Cyrus

There are so many stray dogs wandering around on the street, hoping that someone will take them in and give them a forever home.

It’s a hard life, but sometimes miracles happen and these dogs get the happy ending they deserve… like one stray pup, who ended up in the home of a major celebrity in one amazing rags-to-riches story.

A stray bulldog wandered the streets of Fresno, California all alone, until one day he stumbled on the front door the North Central Fire Department’s Station 58.

The bulldog stuck around, always greeting the firemen during their shifts.

“She would sleep on our back door mat and would always be at the Engine to greet us when we returned from calls,” the department wrote on Facebook.

They decided to repay the friendly dog by helping her get off the streets and into a forever home.

“One of our Captian’s brother’s agreed to foster the dog and find it a home.”

It didn’t take long for the bulldog to find her new home… but no one could’ve expected her new mom:

Miley Cyrus!

That’s right: the Hannah Montana star and “Wrecking Ball” singer rescued the bulldog.

For a former stray dog, getting adopted by a major pop star is a true fairy tale ending. We know she’ll be well taken care of for life.

The fire department was thrilled to see their dog friend go from rags-to-riches, and shared the story on National Dog Day.

“With 2020 being the year it has been, it feels like a good time for a feel good story,” they wrote.

What a happy ending! We’re so glad this bulldog is safe and sound in her new home. Thank you to the firefighters for helping this dog and Miley Cyrus for giving her a forever home!

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