[Video] Sweet Shar-Pei Politely Asks to be Tucked into Bed Each Night

Ava the Shar-Pei is the cutest, politest dog you could ever hope to see. When she wants something, she taps her paw on a nearby surface for attention.

Cutest of all? When she wants to snuggle with mom Anna, she taps her arm gently so she’ll open up the covers and tuck her in.

Check out some of our favorite videos of Ava’s talented tapping below.

Ava asking to be tucked in

Mom says she does it every night

And it’s cute as heck

Ava also taps you awake in the morning


Taps to beg

Taps for attention

And taps for treats


You could say Ava is the leader of the taps

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