Owners Abandoned Her In A Crate Despite Being Part Of Their Family For 5 Years

A five-year-old Shih Tzu named Theodora was sadly found abandoned in a crate with fur that was severely matted, nails that were overgrown, and a very bad set of teeth.

Thankfully, she was rescued and taken in by Arizona Humane Society, where she received a much-needed makeover.

Staff carefully shaved away layers of matted, painful fur to reveal a beautiful little dog who was so ready for her second chance at life.

Arizona Humane Society/Facebook

She was also brought to AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital, where she underwent a dental procedure to fix her teeth.

Now that Theodora is a brand new dog, she is ready for adoption!

AHS took to Facebook to remind people that there are better options to re-home pets they no longer want than to abandon them.


“Theodora’s start at AHS was a sad one, and is an important reminder that no pet owner should ever have to resort to abandoning their pet,” they wrote.

“Any pet owner in need of help with their pets is encouraged to reach out to AHS’ Pet Resource Center, a group of dedicated individuals who provide resources and support to Valley pet owners.”

If you’re interested in adopting sweet little Theodora, please head over to www.azhumane.org/adopt.

H/T to People and AHS

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