These 50 Super-Helpful Products Will Make Pet Ownership Clean and Easy

Pet parenting is a full-time job and it’s not always easy to keep things tidy. We love our fur-babies, but between shedding and waste and everything in between–it’s a wonder how we animal lovers maintain our sanity.

But rest assured, your prayers have finally been answered. We’ve compiled a list of super-helpful tools to take the headache–and mess–out of pet ownership.

At last, your dreams of a fresh-smelling, spiffy home environment can be realized. These products are guaranteed to eliminate the mess and bring out the best in your pet.

We’ll even throw in some extra suggestions–from chew-toys to occupy the pooch in question, to supplemental vitamins proven to enrich your pet’s coat!

Thanks for reading about our favorite finds from across the internet! FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase (at no cost to you).

Home Grooming Hair Dryer Designed for Chic Pet Owners

I bet you never knew such a thing existed, but it’s the item every pet-owner needs! This dryer doubles as a brush and offers three heating settings to safely and efficiently dry your pet’s luscious locks. It’s lightweight, portable, and best of all, whisper-quiet. Your pooch won’t even notice it’s on. Trust me when I say it’s an absolute essential, especially if your pet has lots of hair!

Adjustable Grooming Glove to Relax and Massage Your Pet

Slip on this glove and watch the magic as all the loose hair is swept right off in easy, simple strokes. Don’t worry, the rubber nodules on the grooming glove are gentle on your fur-baby’s skin. In fact, I guarantee they’ll enjoy it, and actually look forward to grooming time! It’s highly reviewed on Amazon and is pleasing pets and owners everywhere. Add it to your mess-eliminating arsenal!

This Cordless Pet Vacuum Eliminates All of Your Loose Pet Hair Woes

If you own a high-level shedding breed, this amazingly well-reviewed item belongs in your home now. The Defurry is gentle enough to remove dead hair directly from your pet’s body–and it’s nearly silent, making it ideal for skittish or small pets. What I love most about it is the cordless feature–so efficient and portable! Powered by a 100k RPM motor, this vacuum charges quickly and has an impressive continuous runtime of sixty minutes!

Bring Relief to Your Itchy Pet with Five Paws Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo

This is an important one to maintain the health of your pet if they’re experiencing skin irritation. Five Paws Pet Shampoo uses the all-natural power of aloe and oatmeal to soothe itchiness, dryness, and flaking in your pet’s skin. It’s infused with the clean scent of melon and cucumber, so not only will your pooch feel better–they’ll smell heavenly too. Safe for all fur-babies of all ages, and not just dogs–if your cat or horse is having skin irritation, Five Paws Shampoo is the solution. Always keep a spare bottle of this veterinarian-approved product stocked in the bathroom–you won’t want to be caught without it.

Every Dog Owner Needs the Washable Pee Pad

I wish I had discovered this sooner–it would have saved me a lot of carpet stains. Whether it’s a young puppy learning house-training or a senior pet with incontinence, this large-size washable pee pad will rescue your poor, unsuspecting floors from an unspeakable fate. Because it’s durable, washable, and reusable, you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of this investment. And don’t worry if your have a particularly persnickety pet–the blanket-like texture provides a super-comfy feel for even the fussiest of fur-babies!

Deodorant for Dogs Is Both the Best and the Oddest Thing You’ll See Today

Now this is a novelty–I simply had to include it! If you’ve never before heard of doggy deodorant, well, I don’t think you’re the only one. That’s right, you simply apply this alcohol-free spray to your pooch to transform them into the freshest-smelling pet on the block. Paraben-free, allergy-friendly, and pH balanced to insure health and safety, of course. Doggy odor is now a thing of the past!

Bring Out the Best in Your Pooch with PetHonesty Multivitamin for Dogs

I know, it may seem superfluous, but think about it–we humans take supplemental vitamins all the time to bring out our optimal health. Why not do the same for our pets? The PetHonesty Multivitamin strengthens your dog’s immune system, improves digestion, reduces joint, inflammation, and helps to maintain healthy skin and hair. Simply put, these multivitamins enhance quality of life. Chicken flavored for fussy pets! Trust me, when you notice the improvement in your dog, you’ll be glad you gave this well-reviewed supplement a try.

Professional Quality Deshedding Blade to Tackle High Maintenance Pet Coats

At first glance it looks intimidating–but the easy-to-use de-shedding blade works like any other comb–it’s 100 percent safe to use, and is specifically designed to strip unwanted clumps of hair from your dog’s undercoat. Owners of thick-shedding breeds know what I’m talking about. Left un-managed, your husky or Shiba Inu will leave tumbleweeds of dead hair all about the house. Best equip yourself with one of the de-shedding blade to get the fur-nightmare under control. It rakes through medium and long coats with ease. Very well-reviewed and hailed as a must have on Amazon!

Keep Your Pet Off the No-Go Area with This Mat

Allow me to quell your fears right off the bat–the scat mat is a 100% safe training device designed to discourage pets from off-limits areas. By using a low-level static, it deters your naughty fur-baby from venturing further into the designated no-go zone. It can be used with or without a correcting tone, and uses a battery-operated controller. Every home is bound to have that select area where pets are not allowed–use this product to repel your pet from hazardous spots, to deter them from the ever-enticing trashcan, or to keep them away from the last good piece of furniture in the house!

Encourage Natural Foraging Skills with the THpetshop Snuffle Mat

Ah, how cute it is to see dogs eagerly sniffing out for food! See it every day with the THpetshop Snuffle Mat. Our pampered house-pets are the furthest thing from wild animals, but nevertheless, encouraging natural behaviors like foraging sharpens learning, increases brain activity, and reduces stress levels in dogs. Your little pooch will have a blast and learn to hone his natural scenting skills at the same time! Made of environmentally-friendly fabric, it’s easy-to-wash, making clean up a breeze.

The Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover Will Have Your Furniture Spotless in No Time

It’s the inevitable downside of pet parenting–your clothes and furniture becoming swathed in a layer of shed animal hair. I’ve scoured the web for the ideal fur remover–and I’ve found it in the Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover. Instead of dealing with sticky tapes or glues, simply roll this sucker over the surface, and watch as the hair is swept up with ease! Works great on blankets and comforters as well, if your pet is allowed on the bed. And don’t forget the carpet! Anywhere fur has flown, make sure to keep this nifty product on hand to set things right.

End the Water Works with HIKEOUT Water Dispenser

Your thirsty dog ambles up to his water bowl and the splashing commences, creating a mess and slip-hazard on your kitchen floor. But never fear, I’ve found the perfect solution in the HIKEOUT Water Dispenser. At such a reasonable price, it’s a no-brainer to upgrade to this handy, non-slip alternative. It works by allowing your pet to slowly access the water, stopping the mess before it starts. Complete with its own filter element, it stores enough water for even large breeds, and is dishwasher-safe to boot.

The Polarduck Cat Litter Mat is the Answer to Every Cat Owner’s Prayers

Cat paws trailing litter about the house is easily the feline equivalent of toilet-paper under the foot. It goes without saying that this isn’t particularly sanitary for inside pets. Use this washable mat I’ve found to put an end to this unsavory nuisance. No more stepping on stray pebbles of cat litter! The mat is waterproof, urine-proof, and washable, so do yourself a favor and pick up this item today.

Keep Your Furry Friend Occupied with Purina Beefhide Chew

Say you need your doggie to sit still and mentally occupied while you groom his coat or clip his nails. Or maybe your dog just needs an after-dinner activity to pass the time. Purina Beefhide Chews are just the thing. Made with real beef, these chews are a perfect way to occupy your dog’s mind while you are otherwise indisposed. Not to mention there are no artificial colors or flavors. And also, chews are wonderful for promoting dental health–chewing removes tartar from your dogs teeth and helps clean the gums. Order a bag of these special trests for your doggie today!

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator is the Carpet Saver We’ve All Been Dreaming Of

Despite all the best efforts, pet accidents will happen. But your carpet need not be doomed. There are few things in this world citrus isn’t powerful enough to stop, and this product is a prime example of the power of orange. I’d like to introduce you to industrial-strength Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator, which deodorizes like a champ. So what sets Angry Orange apart from every other carpet cleaner? The sheer power of the citrus. It’s unparalleled! This is the optimal stain remover on the market, and its effectiveness is well-noted on Amazon.

Male Dog Wraps Are the Weird Puppy-Training Item That Will Spare Your Furniture

I don’t blame you if you’ve never heard of this item; only male dog owners know this reality. Your little buddy might be an excitable wetter, or maybe he’s keen on marking the furniture, or perhaps he’s just a senior going incontinent. Whatever the case, Male Dog Wraps are high-quality, absorbent products designed to catch urine from the dog, much like a diaper. These are equipped with a secure fit and are super-breathable, ensuring comfort for your little man. Make sure to grab a pack of these when house-training a male puppy!

The Happy Hoodie Is a Groomer’s Tool and Can Help Reduce Stress

Years ago I heard of a specialty item for Afghan Hounds called a “snood,” and as it turns out, you can purchase something just like it right now on Amazon! The Happy Hoodie is a soft, expandable fabric tool that fits snugly and comfortably over your pet’s head, and can actually calm anxiety in anxious animals. Used by pet groomers for its soothing purposes, the hoods are also useful for keeping long, flowing hair from getting soiled by food and water. And on top of all that, it’s quite the fashion statement as well!

Leather Conditioner Quick Wipes Keep Horse Lovers Looking Their Best

I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight anything for our equestrian friends, so here we have Leather Conditioner Quick Wipes, a useful staple in the horse world. These wipes are an affordable way to keep saddles and boots looking their best, and help to prevent the leather from cracking. Gentle enough for daily cleaning and perfectly portable for travel and shows. It can even help prolong the life of the leather, which explains why these wipes are highly-rated on Amazon.

Petpost Bath Dust Cleans the Most Unusual of Little Critters

I’d wager that not many people have familiarity with chinchillas, but that’s okay! Petpost Bath Dust is here to help us learn to care for these little fellas. If you’re thinking of adding a gerbil, hamster, or degu to your family, then this product is a must have. Made of 100 % pure, all-natural pumice, the bath dust cleanses the animal’s coat and clears them of debris, giving them a perfectly healthy-looking coat. Not to worry, either, this product is ethically sourced from the USA!

The Casfuy Electric Nail Grinder Makes Scary Clippers a Thing of the Past

If your dog is anything like mine, then there’s nothing she loathes more than nail-clipping time. In fact I admit I often dropped this problem off at the groomer’s to let them work their magic! Spare a trip to the doggy salon and try out this nail grinder instead. The adjustable-speed drum files your pet’s nails down to a more comfy length. Dogs and cats will be far less skittish with this, compared to the infamous clippers. Perfect for younger pets who are still getting the hang of this scary world of grooming appliances! It’s lightweight, rechargeable, and portable–just slip it in your bag and take it with you on the go.

It’s Time to Beat Bad Breath with All-New Brushless Toothpaste

I’m guessing you’re familiar with the saying dog breath…and for good reason. What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way? ARK Natural Brushless Toothpaste is available on Amazon at a stunningly low price, busting plaque and freshening breath for good dogs everywhere. For best results, simply feed these healthy grain-free chews to your beloved pooch twice daily. You won’t regret your purchase. Read the glowing reviews if you don’t believe me!

Nylabone Oral Care Water Additive is the Easiest Aid to Fresher Breath

So we’ve talked about dental chews, and how they help to reduce plaque, but look what else I’ve found–Oral Care Water Additive! That’s right. Fresher breath is as simple as taking a drink of water. Proudly made in the USA, drop a teaspoon of this in 32 ounces of water. You’ll notice a reduction in mouth odors almost immediately! It’s safely designed for both canines and felines. And you know they’ll love it–because the formula is available in three yummy flavors: Original, Green Tea, and Peppermint! No reason not to try them all.

The Honey Care Cat Bed is Here to Defy All Dimensional Logic

Okay, this one gets included on the list for sheer oddness alone–behold the unique wackiness of the Honey Care Cat Bed. It’s fold-able, it’s transformable, and best of all, it’s machine-washable. Plush and cozy so your kitty sleeps snugly. Reshaping it is easy and fun! There’s not a single cat alive who won’t be endlessly entertained by this charming (and comfortable) contraption. Purchase it on Amazon and your feline will thank you!

Interactive Treat Puzzle Builds Your Dogs Brain Power as They Eat

Puzzles help to keep our minds sharp, so it’s no surprise that the same is true for dogs. This treat puzzle can keep your fur-kids entertained while you work! Because as we know, nothing’s more destructive than a bored house-pet. Fill this interactive toy with irresistible morsels, and watch the canine brain-work begin. Your doggy learns and earns by flipping, lifting, and sliding to unlock the goodies. A puzzle-solving dog is an occupied dog–if he’s busy with this then he isn’t destroying the sofa!

The Self-Grooming Cat Arch May Be Strange-Looking But It’s Heavenly to Cats

By now you’ve realized that I’m drawn to the unusual. And this novelty cat product certainly fits the bill! At first glance, the Purrfect Self-Grooming Cat Arch looks like a kitty-cat cheese grater. But in actuality it’s a walk-through arch, complete with massaging bristles, that entertains your cat and can help to reduce loose hair shed around your home. This product is noted for its durable construction, and assembly is a breeze. Pamper your cat with this wonderfully-priced delight!

Spare Your Vehicle From Awful Mess with the Dog Car Seat

This is a must-have for large-breed owners who love the outdoors–it’s as practical as it is sanitary! We love bringing our dogs with us everywhere, but the reality is that our canine companions track mud and shed bundles of hair. The dog car seat keeps your car looking spiffy while also providing a comfy seat for your pup. It’s the best item money can buy if you hope to keep your car in presentable condition. Scratch-resistant and 100 % waterproof, it’s available for just about any automobile. Avoid the mud-stains and order one of these bad boys today!

Excalibur Sheath And Udder Cleaner Cleans the Most Delicate of Skin

Yes, horses have udders. Most people don’t realize that horse ownership can be just as gross as taking care of an actual baby. That’s where this product comes in. This spray-on grooming formula loosens dirt on the delicate areas and is gentle enough to be used on an animal’s most sensitive skin. Simply rinse off and voila. Horse-owners–this recommendation is for you! Equine care is most definitely a labor of love, and to be honest equestrians deserve a medal for the workload alone!

Lime Sulfur Dip Treats Itchy Skin and Parasites Safely and Easily

Attention all pet owners–it’s gravely important to always be ready for an emergency! Lime sulfur dip rescues your dog, cat, or horse from the dangers of ringworm and mange. This veterinarian-approved, extra-strength formula relieves itchy skin, kills parasites, and is super easy-to-use. And of course, it’s 100 % safe and gentle. Trust me, you don’t ever want to be caught without a bottle of this on hand! Order some while it’s still in stock.

Cat Hammock Bed Doubles as Scratching Post

Spoiling a precious, adorable cat is a sure-fire way to bring joy to the human heart. You know I’m right! There’s no reason not to pamper your darling kitty with this cat hammock scratching post combo. The natural-fiber posts will spare your furniture and walls from those oh-so-sharp claws! Plus it’s super affordable. The plush bed comes in beige or gray and matches easily with your home decor. It’s sure to please even the choosiest cat.

Finally, A Doggy Door That’s Actually Simple to Install

You know this one–the doggy door! But this version I’ve found on Amazon is durable, affordable, and super-easy to install. It’s rental/apartment compatible and there’s no cutting required! Available in several sizes so that it’s just perfect for animals of all various ages and sizes. This Top-Rated product is pet-safe and fully energy-efficient. For added security, it even comes with a lock.

The Smart Runner Door Mat is Here to Keep Your Floors Tidy and Spotless

What better way to follow up the doggy door than this door mat to help keep your home as pristine as possible! Let me tell you right now, I was impressed by the variety of vibrant colors available for this item. It selection options make this microfiber rug a perfect accessory. Order one of these to alleviate the mess so that you can get back to enjoying being a fun-loving pet-parent!

The Portable Paw Washer Stops Those Muddy Feet Right in Their Tracks

So you’ve just finished a hike with the dogs and now those horrendously muddy feet are headed straight to your home–this portable paw washer is here to help. Just add a little bit of water to this device and it’s ready to loosen dirt and debris from your pet’s paws. It works by using gentle silicone bristles, soft enough for even the most skittish of pets. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, if you can believe it!

Plant-Based Dog Wipes to Ensure a Spiffy and Sanitary Household

We call them our fur-babies for a reason. And just like with a human baby, that means wiping their bottoms, too. Think about it–this is particularly important if you have a dog that sits upon the sofa! All-natural shea butter and chamomile for gentle cleansing a lovely scent. I’m glad I found these plant-based wipes and honestly, I wish I’d heard of them sooner. Rest assured I won’t be going without them ever again.

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Cat with the Furniture Protective Adhesive Pad

Despite all your best efforts to redirect your kitty’s talons to the scratching post, stubborn cats always manage to find their way to your sofa. Luckily I’ve found the perfect solution. Stick these large self-adhesive pads to your beloved couch, table legs, and drapes to protect them from pint-sized lions prowling your living room. They’re flexible, durable, and leave no glue residue behind once taken off. Order some now while they’re still in stock!

The Dirty Dog Shammy is Basically a Sponge For Your Water-Loving Pooch

Shammies aren’t just for cars now! Think how much headache this product will save when you’re out at the beach or in the pool. Dogs love the water but we sure don’t love cleaning the mess! So order one of these super-absorbent large-fiber shammies to soak up moisture like magic. And that’s right, you guessed it, 100 % machine-washable.

The DogBuddy Pooper Scooper Is Here to Make Dooty Duty Easier

While we’re on the topic of scooping poop, let us consider this neat product as well: the DogBuddy Pooper Scooper. We pet parents tend not to be a skittish bunch, but the thought of accidentally touching a doo-doo can halt even the bravest of them. That’s why I love this product; it clamps securely around the waste without you ever having to use your hands! Scooper bags are included, so make sure to give the Doggy Buddy Pooper Scooper a try when it’s in stock.

Your Kitty Will Have Loads of Fun Chasing the Smaroll RC Cat Toy

It’s time I admit I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to cat novelties. This remote controlled cat toy is sure to bring delight to many a house-cat. And you will delight in seeing their antics! The remote can move the battery-operated toy both forward and backward, giving your feline quite the workout to keep up. At such a low price, it’s absolutely worth it.

This Elevated Pet Feeder Sees Eye-to-Eye With Your Dog

If you’re like me and love tall dogs, it’s time to consider moving their food and water bowls to their level. Give your tall woofers some extra comfort with this elevated, adjustable-height feeder. If you have senior pets, it’s worth noting that this feeder reduces joint pressure, aids digestion, and decreases the likelihood of painful bloat. Not to mention, this feeder is just plain stylish and made out of 100 % bamboo. It’s both health-conscious and beautiful, a must have!

Horse Owners Everywhere Can Ride Easy with Calming Equine Supplement

The last thing we want is for our beloved pets to feel stressed, and this is of particular importance when said pet weighs over 1200 pounds. These apple flavored pellets are enhanced with the calming effects of L-triptophan and promote healthy, relaxed muscles in our equine companions. Excitable or anxious horses become more calm and focused with the help of this scientifically-approved formula. Every equestrian should own this trusted product!

This Treat-Dispensing Lick Mat Relaxes Your Pet So That Grooming Time is a Piece of Cake

Speaking of reducing stress, baths and grooming sessions will sure go a lot smoother with one of these on the wall! This durable, high-quality mat attaches easily with suction to your tile or floor, and distracts your bath-nervous pet with a yummy snack. It also helps your fur-baby to associate bath-time with positive enjoyment, so it’s a training tool as well. I highly recommend purchasing one, especially for puppy-owners. Get your little guy (or girl) in the habit of loving bath-time!

Bird Hemp Oil Is the number One Product to Soothe Your Feathered Friend

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our beloved mini-dinosaurs, commonly known as birds. While scouring the web, I discovered a wonderful, organically-sourced product to help reduce stress and feather-plucking in our plumed pets. This all-natural hemp oil promotes a healthy immune system, encourages relaxation, and contains absolutely zero fillers. Highly recommended for birdies suffering from dry skin or seasonal allergies. Now that’s a product worth talking about!

This Organic Dog Ear Cleaner Will Have Your Precious Pooch Rejoicing

Wax buildup, bad odor, grime, gunk–our dogs are just as grossed out by these things as we are! Purchase EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner and believe me when I tell you it makes all the difference in the world. My doggie’s ears were plagued with ear mites (and ear mite dung) until I discovered this heavenly multi-action product. It safely washes away all dirt and discharge while being gentle enough for sensitive skin. Make sure to have some on hand!

No Scent Odor Eliminator Is Here to Rescue Your Air Quality, and Your Nose

Believe it or not, even small animals can work up quite a stink, providing a distinctly unpleasant air to your home. If you’d rather do without that particular aroma, my advice to pet owners of all kinds is to pick up a bottle of No Scent Odor Eliminator. The all-natural cleaner uses probiotics and enzymes to remove foul smells from hutches, tanks, kennels, and enclosures. By the way, it’s chemical-free and eco-friendly. It’s your best bet in the battle against the stinky side of pet ownership!

Aquapaw Dog Bath Brush Washes Away All Your Worries in a Blast

Super-cool 2-in-1 products like this always excite me! The Aquapaw Dog Bath Brush is a hose and a brush, and I can’t get over how awesome that combo is! It’s the perfect bathing-station supply, is as convenient as it gets, and will save you loads of time. With both a low and high pressure setting, it’s the adjustable, ergonomic grooming tool of your dreams. As a plus, it’s easy to install. What are you waiting for, order one!

The Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is So Convenient You’ll Hardly Believe It

It sounds too good to be true, and yet it’s real. The self-cleaning litter box automatically filters waste into a disposable litter tray, saving you time and making life easier. You can’t ask for an better set-up than that! Simply add the litter and let this automatic device self-clean for weeks–all while maintaining ultimate-quality odor control. Truly a dream-come-true for every cat owner!

This Allergy Immune Suppliment Will Help Your Dog Live His Best Life

There’s no doubt that dogs hate allergies as much as we do, so we have to do our best to support them! Improve your pooch’s health with these cheese-flavored chews, guaranteed to provide skin care support, promote organ function, and improve gut health! These probiotic chews even help with irritation brought about by hot spots. Your dog will thank you on your next visit to the part going to the park! It’s the immune support your pooch deserves.

Protect Your Riding Buddy with These Fly Boots

Let’s gallop back the subject of horses. Equestrians are always eager to prevent fly bites and promote healthy, relaxed attitudes in their equine friends. And in response to their wishes, here are these breathable, plastic mesh leggings to do the job. Coming in three lovely colors, this patented product shields your horse from the painful bites of bot-flies and stops the pesky parasites from laying their eggs. The leggings offer excellent air circulation and discourage stomping, an unhealthy activity which can lead to hoof damage.

Dog Socks are Not Just Useful, They’re Adorable

Dog lovers, grab a pair of these for your pup immediately! These adjustable non-slip socks are more than just an irresistible fashion statement. They prevent licking and prevent damage to your hardwood floors! And if your dog is among the few that are allergic to grass, well these are the perfect protection for his skin. Face it, your canine will look absolutely dashing in this classic plaid pattern. Perfect for holiday parties as well!

A Lovely Lawn Can At Last Be Yours With Yard Odor Eliminator

Let’s face it, the stench of pet waste wafting from your otherwise-pristine lawn is kind of a bummer. But imagine if you will, a world where you could actually eliminate these odors. Hold that thought, because I’ve found NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator, available for order on Amazon, a high-quality formula designed for grass, patios, gravel, fences, and more! This product has a money-back guarantee, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. Restore integrity to your yard. You no longer have to choose between pet ownership and a perfect, fresh-smelling lawn!

This Bird Poop Remover Takes the Messiness Out of Bird Ownership

Maintaining a tidy home while also owning an animal is a difficult, sometimes near impossible, balancing act. Luckily for bird owners, this non-toxic bird poop remover exists. Clothing, walls, carpet, and upholstery can at last be rescued from the ravages of your birdie’s food splatters and waste droppings. Biodegradable and safe enough to be used on perches and inside cages, use this product to cleanse your home and bring back order. Keeping your floors and surfaces clean is just a simple Amazon order away!

The World’s Most Adorable Teeth-Cleaning Squeaky Toy is Ideal For Your Pooch

It’s novelty time again, and it simply doesn’t get any cuter than this teeth-cleaning interactive squeaky toy. I took one look and instantly fell in love with the cactus design. It’s genius! This all-rubber chew toy encourages dental hygiene and entertains your woofer with delightfully amusing squeaks. Your furry buddy literally gets a toothbrush and a toy all in one! Don’t wait to treat your doggie with one of these, especially considering the wonderfully low price.

The Cat Exercise Wheel Is Perfect For Inspiring a Healthy Feline Lifestyle

Let’s take a moment to truly appreciate the awesomeness we have here. An exercise wheel to occupy your curious kitty while also giving her a work-out. Cat owners, small dog owners, if you don’t already have one of these–buy it now. You can thank me later. It’s a treadmill except completely silent, the perfect tool to engage your pet’s energetic and playful nature. And they look so cute while running in it! The adorableness will melt your heart, I know it!

The OxyFresh Crate and Cage Cleaner Brings Freshness Back to You and Your Pet

In a pet-owning home, staying one step ahead of odors is a constant job. There’s no other option but to rise to the occasion–and fortunately, OxyFresh Crate and Cage Cleaner is here to help. It’s unscented and free of harsh chemicals, neutralizing foul smells from litter boxes, crates, cages, and more. Because it’s such a heavy-duty cleaner and deodorizer, there’s no scrubbing required, saving you much-needed time and energy. Pick up a bottle of this highly-recommended product, you won’t regret it!

This Urinary Tract Supplement is the Health Tonic You Didn’t Know Your Dog Needed

Pet care means exhausting all avenues to bring about the best in our animals–we owe it to them! And that’s why I’ve included this urinary tract support supplement for dogs. Vet-approved, composed of premium-quality ingredients, this product uses antioxidant-rich cranberries and no artificial fillers. Even better, it’s hypoallergenic and suitable for even sensitive canines. The reviews speak for themselves. Add this wonder product to your dog’s daily regimen!

ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler is Designed to Nourish Your Pet’s Inner Beauty

Dog and horse owners aren’t afraid of commitment–in fact, they take pride in caring for some of the highest-maintenance pets in existence. And when it’s time to enhance your pet’s natural beauty, ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler is here for all your pet’s cosmetic needs. Not only does this high-quality product keep long hair free of dust and tangles–it also highlights coat color and muscle definition. Your pet grooming arsenal simply isn’t complete without a bottle of this!

This Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed is an Efficient Product That Comes in a Surprising Amount of Colors

Sure it’s a more familiar item, but what made this particular unit stand out to me was the breathable mesh material, slip-resistant feet, and extreme durability! It’s chew-proof and easy-to-clean, which puts it a nose above the rest. Also, you’ll be stunned by thew variety of colors, which is normally lacking in this type of dog bed. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, this sturdy cot gives your large dog much-appreciated ventilation and comfort!

The Hamiledyi is Here to Say That Litter Boxes Aren’t Just for Cats Anymore

Litter boxes are synonymous with cats, but this product proves they have a wider application beyond just the feline world. Whether you own a rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, ferret, or hedgehog, the Hamiledyi litter box provides a perfect potty area for your small mammal. It’s sturdily-designed and easily-installed, and comes in three whimsical color varieties. This is a well-made training tool suitable for cages of any size. And at this price, it’s also a great value!

Keep Your Dog Busy With AFreschi Turkey Tendons

As with most people, turkey is simply irresistible to a dog. If you want to give your pup an alternative to rawhide, this hand-braided ring of 100% turkey tendon is perfect. I included this product because the makers didn’t sacrifice an inch on the quality. Sourced from the USA, these all-natural chews contain no additives, no steroids, no growth hormones, and are completely grain-free. They’re easy to digest and can occupy your furry friend long enough for your to catch a break. Talk about amazing!

This Barn, Stall, and Trailer Deodorizer Is Getting Praise From Horse Owners Everywhere

If you share your life with a pet, you know the difficulty of eliminating urine odors. And no-one knows this better than equestrians. But I’ve found a fresh-scented, non-toxic cleaner to sanitize even the toughest of smells. The secret is all-natural plant-based enzymes, powerful yet safe enough for use around equines, livestock, and even children. Read the reviews celebrating this high-quality formula, and order some today!

The Pet Rocking Bed Chair Surpasses All Decent Levels of Cuteness

I’ve saved the best (and most adorable) for last! I can honestly say that in all my web-searches, no pet novelty had stolen my heart quite like the pet rocking bed chair. Perhaps it’s the maternal instincts kicking in, but in my opinion this darling gem is the perfect accessory for medium-to-small-sized dogs! It’s stable, sturdy, and offers adjustable heights for maximum variety and comfort. Because it folds perfectly, it’s portable enough to carry with you on the go. Order one for your precious pet today!

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