Pregnant Mom’s Confused Why Dog Won’t Stop Barking, Doesn’t Realize He’s Trying To Save Her

The Akita knew something was wrong.

You may have heard stories of dogs saving their owners from disaster or diseases. Dogs have a canny ability to sense danger and would do anything to prevent their owners from harm.

One good example is this American Akita named Keola, lives with a couple in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Her owners, Ricky and Alhanna Butler, love her very much and treat her as a part of their family.

Recently, Keola learned that Alhanna was pregnant with the couple’s child. Even though Keola was excited for a new family member, she had a bad feeling that soon came true. As the months passed by, Alhanna had started to experience pains in her lower back. Worried about her condition, Alhanna consulted her doctor, who diagnosed the pains as a side-effect of her pregnancy.

After hearing the diagnosis from her doctor, Alhanna returned home without any worries and believed that her lower back pains were nothing but a side-effect. Keola, however, had noticed something was wrong with Alhanna and maintained a vigil over her. Alhanna noticed her dog’s strange behavior but did not worry about it. Instead, she posted it on her Facebook account and made a reference to the dog in the film “Hatchi”.

Her friends saw her post and expressed their worries about her dog’s strange behavior, advising her to take Keola’s reaction seriously. As time passed, Keola became increasingly distraught, even nudging Alhanna and voicing her worries. This time, Alhanna took Keola’s warnings seriously and returned to the hospital for a checkup.

At the hospital, Alhanna was immediately rushed into the intensive care ward. Alhanna’s condition had shocked the doctors. She was diagnosed with a rare kidney infection, which was responsible for her lower back pains. If she had not gotten to the hospital in time, she would have lost her life and her child.

As Alhanna’s infection was left untreated for a long period of time, it was one of the worst cases that the doctors have seen. In addition, the virus infecting her kidneys were resistant to antibiotics, making it very difficult to treat. Thankfully, Alhanna’s kidney infection was successfully treated and Alhanna was soon able to give birth to a healthy baby boy!

The couple’s son was named Lincoln and became best friends with Keola. The couple knew who to count on to watch over Lincoln and it is none other than Keola! Thanks to Keola’s unique senses, both Alhanna’s and Lincoln’s lives were now safe.

Keola has such a big heart and loves her family very much, what an amazing dog!

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