This Boxer Dad Gets Hilarious Taste of Parenthood With His Puppies Around

Being a parent is not an easy task, no matter if you are a human or an animal. Being there for the bundles of joy and making sure they are well taken care of is every parent’s number one priority.

The thing is that kids, as well as puppies, can be hard sometimes, but moms and dads all around the world do their best to cope with their little ones’ naughty behavior.

A video of a Boxer dad melted the hearts of over two million people who got to see him experiencing fatherhood. Boxer moms usually give birth to around eight puppies and that’s a lot of babies she and the babies’ daddy need to take care of.

The video of Reno, the caring dad of a litter of puppies, has been shared by his owner who thought the sight of a father dog playing around with his pups was worth sharing with the rest of the world.

Boxer dads are known to be very loving and helpful around the new additions to the family, and that’s super cute.

Reno is excited to be playing around with the pups, but people can’t help but notice that he’s overwhelmed as it can be seen from his face that he probably wonders, “How could all these dogs be mine?”

And yes, Reno is a bit surprised by the attention he gets from the pups because they are several weeks old now and he’s been taking care of them since birth. It might be that they are a bit grown now and get curious about the world around them.

At one point, Reno tries getting away from his babies by leaping in the air. They have never seen such a stunt before and are all looking at their daddy in awe.

But he then gets back to them because no matter how much he has on his plate, Reno is a caring and a loving father.

The owner can’t stop laughing as he films the lovely bonding. This is definitely something you need to see.

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