This Guy Introduced His New Puppy To The World In The Most Awesome Way

When Andy Camera picked up his new puppy Charlie on the weekend, he needed a way introduce him to the world, so this is what he went with.

“I put together that video because I wanted a big and funny way to introduce everyone to the puppy I've been excited to get for so long. I had the idea of a Lion King parody kicking around for a while now, I just needed to figure out how to do it.”

Camera said that with some quick Googling and $20 worth of green fabric, the green screen illusion was pretty easy to pull off.

“I hung up the green screen in there while Charlie was napping,” he said. “We filmed the takes using only my iPhone camera, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to do chroma-keying to get the green screen removed, and Bob's your uncle!”

As soon as Andy tweeted the story, people said it was the perfect antidote to the lousy news around the world at the moment.

Charlie the groodle (golden retriever x poodle) is named after Charlie from “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

Animal world, behold your new king.

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