This is why you don’t wanna get involved in snowball fights with horses

The Clydesdales have become a comforting symbol of the holiday season thanks to the amazing Budweiser commercials, and this one’s a throwback to 2005 when they were at their very best!

And there’s a huge takeaway from this: never get involved in snowball fights with these magnificent horses! 😉

The commercial starts off showing two separate groups of Clydesdales standing on either side of the single tree in a snow-covered field.

Just a beautiful Christmas scene. But it all starts when one horse decides to kick a snowball over at the other group.

And it’s on! Neither side is going to back down, so they all start making snowballs and fling them back and forth.

But one particular horse comes up with an idea to end the entire fight. He approaches the tree to inflict maximum snow coverage!

Wait until you see it. 😛

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