This Tiny Pug Puppy Gets A New Bed, And His Reaction Is Delightful!

It's always exciting to get a brand new comfy bed to sleep on, and it's certainly no different for this tiny little pug puppy!

In the video clip to follow, this adorable pug puppy clearly shows how happy he is with his brand new bed! Upon receiving his new bed, he seems like he is determined to explore every inch of his new bed and testing out its durability.

He's certainly not going to leave anything to chance, as he plans to let this bed know who is boss! His facial expression is priceless and his happiness is infectious. His exploits with will have you smiling from ear to ear, guaranteed!

Few things can brighten one's day faster than a video of a cute puppy. Well, this one is definitely one of those videos that will do the trick!

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