Tom the Beagle and Jerry the Basset Taking Self-Control Lessons

How does one behave when under he or she is under pressure? How does one deal with unforeseen circumstances? Do they manage the situation very well or just flare up in disapproval?

This video clip illustrates how Tom the Beagle and Jerry, the adorable basset hound handle provocation.

Tom tries as much as he can to obey instructions even when he needed rest from a dull day routine.

Jerry felt his masters command a bit different from how Tom did, by disobeying an order when he got tired of being bossed around.

The remarkable displayed character of Tom and Jerry is how majority behave towards authority.

As a human, the need to develop and improve one’s attitude when faced with an enormous bartering situation is critical.

One should be able to endure humiliation, pain and overcome depression.

Patience is a virtue. Moreover, having self-control improves the relationship built with not only persons in authority, but with individual found around one’s territory.

With total self-control, one can achieve greater things in life. Learn to be calm and calculative, as it will pave ways in times of difficulties.

Tell someone about it today. Don’t keep it to yourself alone. Remember! Patience is a virtue.
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