Too Cute! Adorable Pug puppies and baby snoozing together!

Awwwwww I don't know how many time I have replayed this adorable, heart melting video.

Two Pug puppies… and an adorable baby… and all snuggly taking a nap together! Is there anything more precious and sweeter than this? This is priceless!

Safe and sound, the three little ones snoozing together… and strengthen the everlasting bond that will last forever and ever.

The adorable toddler must be having a spectacular dream as he slept with his Pug puppies lying next to him.

Even as he tossed and turned, the puppies just rolled with him into a comfortable position and continued snoozing off 🙂

This heart melting video surely made my day… and I promise it will make yours too. Looking at them, the three little trio, definitely brought me to peace 🙂

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