Top 10 Reasons Why Owning An English Bulldog Is The COOLEST Thing Ever

Have you ever thought of owning and living with an English Bulldog (a.k.a. British Bulldog)?

I mean, come on… their wrinkles, friendly and gregarious temperament.. what's not to love?

Find out the most hilarious top 10 reasons for owning an English Bulldog compiled by the amazing Windy Autry from below!


10. Unlike humans, wrinkles actually look good on them.

Bulldog Puppy Wrinkles

9. Bulldog slobber was tinted green and used as slime in the 90′s Nickelodeon show, Double Dare.

I bet your neighbor can’t say that about her Yorkie.

Bulldog slobber and tongue out

8. When you have a staring contest, your English bulldog will always let you win.

They’re generous like that.

bulldog meets pug

7. They are so lovable, you’ll disown your children and leave your inheritance to your bulldog.

bulldog riding car

6. The stubbornness of the English bulldog allows you to practice (and get really good at) your debating skills.

bulldog trying to fit in small box

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