Top Dog: Meet Kentucky Town’s New Pit Bull Mayor

For a small town in Kentucky, politics has gone to the dogs! Literally! On November 8, 2016 Rabbit Hash, Kentucky elected a very special canine candidate as (drum roll please)… mayor!

The town’s citizens obviously have impeccable taste since this is the fourth dog to serve in the mayoral office. After 8 years of service, a Border Collie, named Lucy Lou, stepped down.

Now, a 3-year-old rescue Pit Bull named Brynneth Pawltro is the top dog! WHOOT!

Brynneth Pawltro, better known as Brynn, received 3,367 votes. She beat out a chicken, a cat, and a donkey. “She’s a lover, she’s such a sweet dog.

She is a pit bull rescue and she’s going to be quite the ambassador for that breed,” Bobbi Kayser told People. Kayser is on the board of directors for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society in Kentucky.

The election was held as a fundraising event for the Rabbit Hash General Store. It was devastated by a fire last February and is in desperate need of repair. Each vote cost $1 to cast and voters were allowed to cast as many votes as they wanted to. Or as their bank accounts allowed. Over $8,000 was raised which will go to rebuilding the store.

The voters also elected two ambassadors, two dogs named Bourbon and Lady. They will step in if Brynn is unavailable. LOL! Unavailable? Like busy digging for bones?

According to Kayser, the whole election may have been slightly alcohol-induced. “We encourage drinking at the polls,” she tells People, “because people tend to donate more if they’ve had a few.”

I promise no animals participated in this practice.

Brynn’s human is Jordie Bamforth, a college student who works for an animal hospital. This is the town’s fourth canine mayor… Making Rabbit Hash the political epicenter for dog lovers! Good luck serving, Brynn! And don’t forget to kiss all those babies!

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