Woman Rolls Down Window To Say Hi To Dogs At Traffic Stop, Another Friend Pops Up

As dog lovers, we can’t help but wanna say hello when we see a pupper out and about.

And if their owner says it’s okay, maybe even get a pat in! For one woman who came to a stop in traffic, she was overjoyed to see two pit bulls in the car beside her.

And when she rolled down the window to see them, an unexpected greeting came into play. 🙂

Between the shoulders of the two pit bulls, a friend makes an appearance to also say hello. The woman and her friend are surprised and beyond excited to see yet another friendly face!

“My best friend and I were taking a ride downtown when we saw some cute dogs out the window of another car. I happened to start recording when the third pupper popped up unexpectedly! I was not expecting the video to get the attention it did!” she said.

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