Truck driver blocks traffic to help save stray kitten from the highway

Truck driver blocks traffic to help save stray kitten from the highway

It’s always inspiring when everyday people go out of their way to help animals. Recently, one truck driver saw a cat in the middle of the highway, and did the right thing to help save its life.

On May 12, Officer Stanfield of the Alachua Police Department in Florida found a kitten lying in the middle of Highway 441.

According to a Facebook post from the department, many vehicles continued to go by, narrowly missing the cat. But one driver decided to take action to save the cat’s life.


The driver, who works for the local Mi Apá Latin Cafe, pulled over to stop traffic. It also helped the police, who arrived and got the cat safely off the road.

The inspiring rescue was captured on bodycam footage and shared by the department on May 22:

The video has been viewed over 56,000 times on Facebook, and many praised the truck driver and officers for saving the cat, calling them “true heroes.”

Mi Apá Latin Cafe also commented to praise their employee: “We have the best officers in Alachua and our drivers always know what the priority is.”


Best of all, the story has a very happy ending: the rescued cat was adopted by one of the department’s dispatchers!

“We’re thrilled to share that this little furball has found a loving forever home,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Thank you to this truck driver and these police officers for saving this cat from the highway! And we’re so happy that the cat now has a great new home!

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