Rare 4 Day Old Twin Horses Love on Mama Horse, Video Leaves Us Swooning

The bond between twins is always special, but seeing that bond between twin horses and their mother is a whole other level of sweet, and it shines through in this video of four-day-old foals.

The mother is a strong, beautiful version of Black Beauty, in this case a Belgian draft horse, and her babies, Lisa and Fien, are frolicking foals that have us swooning.

Their bond is already tight, heartwarming to watch. But it just gets better when a young child joins the trio, giving them love with her gentle touch, which they return three-fold, or, three-‘foal’ed. Like what we did there?

These horses grow to be strong and large, but remain affectionate and gentle, so you can expect their gentle nature to continue as they grow to have foals of their own.

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