Two Huskies Are Having An Argument, One Dog Attempts To Reconcile While The Other ‘Isn’t Having It’

These two beautiful Huskies are arguing, and it’s as adorable as it is funny! It’s not your typical dogfight; they look more like an old married couple arguing than two dogs disagreeing.

It’s hard to imagine what they might be fighting over. Perhaps one of them got more snuggles from their owner than the other?

Maybe one of them buried a favorite toy and forgot where they put it? Whatever the cause, the dog on the left apparently has a bone to pick with the dog on the right.

The black-and-white Husky starts with a quick bark, setting off the most adorable argument in history. The cream-colored Husky isn’t taking any of her sass though.

He barks right back, letting her know he’s going to stand his ground. His reaction sets her off good, and she takes her frustration out on the sheets by shoving her paws into the bed and barking at him.

He isn’t impressed by her theatrics at all. Instead, he starts barking back at her and then turns his back on her.

The resolution to the mini-argument is even cuter than the fight was; she lays her head on the sheets in submission, to show him she still cares.

No matter whose side you are on, this video is a win that is sure to make you smile today!

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