Two Legged Boxer Duncan Lou gone wild at the Beach!

Feeling a little down?  Not everything is going your way today? Well, you're in luck! Duncan Lou Who the two legged Boxer will brighten up your day!

Here's a video of the now world famous and inspirational Duncan Lou Who the two legged boxer puppy taking his first ever trip to the beach and having the time of his life!!

Without argument, Duncan Lou Who looks so happy and energized in this video. He runs like he's got invisible legs! This might be the happiest dog I've ever seen!

Animals never feel sorry for themselves like many humans tend to do often… They just get on with it .This little fella just shows us the magnificence of animals! Love how animals can overcome anything!!

It's a beautiful and heart touching MUST SEE video. Blessings for this beautiful boxer and the people who believed in him and helped.☆♡☆

What a sweetie! Truly inspirational to be so powerful~

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