Owners Wanted Their Dog Put Down, And She Hid When They Showed Up To Get Her

Unicorn’s owners wanted her euthanized. They said the dog was old and sick, but she wasn’t old at all. “Only one year into her little life!” Sidewalk Specials said.

And that wasn’t Sidewalk Specials style to give up on a dog with so much life to live. So they showed up to rescue her and give her the second chance at life she so much deserved.

The scared dog was pulled out from under the house and taken back to Cape Town for a checkup and necessary care. And it wouldn’t be long until a woman came in wanting to adopt Unicorn!

Unicorn is now happy and healthy and only visits Vet Point to play these days! She just needed a chance. Just see how good she looks now in her new, loving forever home. 🙂

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