He Locks Himself In With A Battered Pit Bull. Now Watch When He Starts To Eat.

Melt your heart video shows Graycie and her caretaker Dr. Andy Mathis eating out of metal dog bowls together in her kennel. Here's their amazing story…

Dr. Andy Mathis, a veterinarian in Elberton, Georgia, was about to leave the hospital for the night. Right around closing time, however, a woman called about a starving dog she found on a county dirt road. Dr. Mathis told her to bring the dog in so he could take a look at her.

The woman arrived at Granite Hills Animal Care with a gray pit bull in horrible condition. This dog was emaciated, anemic, hypothermic, and was suffering from a severe vaginal prolapse.

Dr. Mathis wasn’t sure if she would make it, so he turned to his fellow animal lovers on Facebook for help and support.

“So I had 2 choices,” Dr. Mathis wrote on Facebook. “I can put her to sleep. Or try to save her. So I asked the universe … also known as Facebook … and the universe said ‘Try.’ The universe even named her as they said, ‘we hate the thought that any pet gets sent to rainbow bridge or passes away without a name,’ so they christened her Graycie Clair. Spelled with a Y for her gray coloring.”

Check out the touching video on the next page of Dr. Mathis sitting down with Graycie inside her kennel in the attempt to encourage her to eat breakfast!

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