Hope For Paws Finds Senior Dog, Owner Says She Doesn’t ‘Want That Old Dog Anyway’

A senior Shar-Pei with a swollen face had taken refuge in a lot, and Hope For Paws showed up to the rescue.

The old dog was very friendly and allowed rescuers to place the Lucky Leash over his head. He was named Wally.

The dog actually had a microchip, so they called the owner.

The rescuers confronted the owner on the Shar-Pei’s overall condition, and she explained that the dog lives outside where kids throw firecrackers at him, and that’s why he keeps running away from home.

The woman got mad when they implied she’s a bad owner, and she told them she didn’t “want that old dog anyway.”

Wally was ready for a new life and to leave the old, painful one behind. He received the best medical care and just a few weeks later found a loving forever home thanks to Lionel’s Legacy!

He looks so great now and is living his very best life. 🙂

You can donate to Hope For Paws to help them rescue more dogs like Wally.

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