Warning To All Pet Parents – The Popular Dog Toy Claims A Dog’s Life

Many pet owners take the welfare and responsibility of their pets with extreme seriousness. They go to the extent of examining the food their pets consume, its comprising ingredients, the kind of material used in producing their toys and they also go extra length in ensuring that safety precautions are employed to keep them warm with sweaters and booties during the cold holiday seasons.

Although all these protective efforts are highly recommendable, however, even with these measures put in place to protect them from well-known dangers, there are still many unpleasant events that can occur beyond our wildest imagination which we are in most cases, never aware of.

A common way through which pets become victims of unforeseen circumstances is majorly through their play toys. Funny enough, these pets are usually familiar with their toys but when catastrophe strikes it is difficult to tell how it happened.

The case of Maximus, Jamie Stumpf’s dog is one of such unpleasant event. This dog is used to playing with its toy but on this fateful day, the whole story went from sweet to sour when tragedy struck. The toy which it was playing with was a ball shaped like a donut because it had a large hole at one end.

It is a kind of toy that allows for the escape of air whenever pressure if exerted and gets refilled again as soon as it is released. Dogs often have fun with this kind of toy by chewing down on it as they enjoy the way and manner air is let out and let back it while they continue in their chewing activity.

Maximus’ fun with his toy was cut short when his tongue sealed the air hole and so there was no way to let air out thus making the toy get stuck right on his tongue which lasted for a long period of time. As a result, his tongue became extremely swollen which eventually led to his untimely death.

Some dogs have found themselves in the same shoe as Maximus, fortunately for them; they found help right on time which prevented them from an untold hardship and the pain of death.

It is so saddening to discover how dangerous these toys can be only when tragedy strikes. As we hope that no more animal lives will continue to be lost to them, we look forward to ensuring that further production and distribution of these dangerous toys are forestalled.

It would be any toy with only one hole in it. For example, the Kong toys have holes in the top and bottom to prevent this. This toy is probably a cheaper knock off of the Kong toys.

It’s troubling that it takes such a tragedy for people to take notice of dangerous toys, but we can only hope that no more lives will be lost to them and that the irresponsible manufacturers of this dangerous toy are taken to justice.

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