10 Warning Signs That Your Pet Needs Medical Help Right Away

Pets give us so much love and companionship, yet they ask for so little in return.

As their owners, it is our responsibility to take good care of them, feed them, provide love, and make sure they see the veterinarian regularly. Sometimes, pets are crying out for help and we might overlook it.

Source: BrightSide/YouTube

Here are some things you can watch for in your pet. If any of these happen, you’ll want to seek veterinary care right away.

Coughing is a sign that something is wrong with your dog. Many dogs are affected by kennel cough. Even though it may go away on its own, you can confirm the diagnosis with the vet. Be sure to keep the sick pet away from any other animals in the house.

Source: BrightSide/YouTube

Vomiting is another tell-tale sign that something is wrong. Dogs may eat something inappropriate and get an upset stomach.

Things like kidney disease, gastric illness, and even pancreatitis can cause vomiting, so always take your dog to the vet for unexplained, continual vomiting.

Source: BrightSide/YouTube

There are eight more tips our pals at Bright Side have for pet owners, so be sure to learn them all in this helpful video. Your pets will thank you for it.

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