Watch: Overly-friendly golden retriever wins heart of bike thief robbing home

Some dogs are big and intimidating enough to scare off any home intruders — we’ve seen many stories of dogs averting would-be burglaries.

But some dogs are just so sweet and friendly that they’ll befriend anyone, even criminals. That’s what one video shows, as a sweet golden retriever makes friends with a burglar.


According to a video from the San Diego Police Department, an unknown male suspect broke into a home garage in the Pacific Beach neighborhood. According to the police, the man took off with a 2019 black Electra 3-speed bicycle, valued at $1,300.

But instead of running off with the valuable bike as soon as possible, the burglar stopped when something else caught his attention — the homeowner’s pet golden retriever.

In what the police department called “a rather peculiar turn of events,” the friendly dog approaches the burglar and he stops to pet him. The two become unlikely fast friends.


“You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known,” the burglar tells the dog. “I love you too.”

The dog happily wags his tail and licks the burglar’s face, apparently seeing the good in everyone even though the man was there to steal some property.

Unfortunately, the golden retriever did not inspire a change of heart, and the burglar proceeded with stealing the bike.

Watch the video below:

The police are now asking for any information on the suspect. The stolen bike has distinct “8 ball” caps on the tire valves and logo on the frame, and the rear frame wheel has a checked black and white pattern.

It’s not clear if the San Diego Police Department has gotten any leads, but people online have fallen for this perhaps-too-friendly dog. “You can’t have a golden retriever as a watch dog! They’re way too friendly!” one comment on the video reads.

The video further went viral after being picked up by the popular account WeRateDogs, praising his charms while also agreeing he failed as a watchdog. “The golden significantly misunderstood the assignment, but we’re giving them a 14/10 for at least delaying the situation,” WeRateDogs wrote.

What an unbelievable video… it goes to show that golden retrievers really have a heart of gold, even if it makes them bad guard dogs. We hope the police will be able to retrieve the stolen bike!

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