20 Photos That Prove All Is Well With The World When You Have A Pet

There’s no feeling in the world like that of owning a pet.

They make our lives whole and add so much, it’s hard to even quantify their worth.

The 20 photos below prove that all is well in the world with a pet by your side! 🙂

#1 Major’s 3rd birthday, complete with a bacon cheeseburger!

#2 Sophie is cute as a button!

#3 “Krome was rescued on the Everglades last year as an adult dog. It was like we had known each other for a life time. He has come a long way. We hope more people adopt and help save abandoned pets.”

#4 Can you tell Starbucks is a keeper?

#5 How can you say no to Gunner’s adorable face?

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