Dog spots brand new pool in backyard, sprints towards it the moment owner opens the door

Christy, a West Highland White Terrier, has just moved to a brand new house in Florida with her family. While she was not excited to move at first, the moment she saw the new house, she immediately fell in love.

The first thing she notices is that the backyard seems to be different… and there’s something there that has got her super excited.

In this video, Christy’s owner records her staring at the backyard through the sliding glass door. She spots a beautiful backyard pool that is clearly calling her name. Her owner asks if she wants to go to the pool, and immediately you can see’s Christy’s tail wagging frantically.

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Then, the owner opens the door, and Christy bursts outside, sprinting as fast as she can towards the pool. It’s almost as if there’s nothing in the world that can stop Christy from reaching the cool water in the pool. She’s loving every minute of it, and we are too!

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