What It’s Really Like To Live With A Pug

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#8: You may encounter people who thinks your adorable pug is UGLY.

There's even a word “Pugugly” that exists today. According to the UrbanDictionary.com, here's the definition:

Someone that has unfortuante facial characterisitcs. Usually the person in question will have the apperance of a small genitically deficient canine known as the Pug. They may appear to have been slammed into the wall repeaadly as a child or in extreme curcumstances may have been the product of an illict pug/human relationship banned under most civilised constitutions.

note: should not be said as two seperate, instead as in puh-gugly

Person 1: Whats up with that guy
Person 2: He looks kind of pugugly

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