When Farmer Blows Whistle, Dog Launches Into A Routine That Has Viewers Roaring

Meet Megan and her adorable sidekick Molly. Megan is a special breed of dog called a Lurcher. A Lurcher is a sighthound, often a Greyhound, mixed with another breed that is used on farms nationwide to help with pest control and hunting.

Lurchers are so smart and so quick that many race in their spare time. Megan is one smart, fast, adorable companion. Unlike working dogs in the past, dogs like Megan spend much of their time as pets too. Both Megan and Molly love their owner and their playful demeanor shines through.

When Megan and Molly’s owner blows his special whistle, the cutest, most priceless thing happens…

Megan turns into a kangaroo. Ok, no but seriously, her response to that whistle is so dramatic that you have to see it to believe it.

The music that plays in the video’s background only adds to the hilarity that ensues. I’m not going to give it away– you have to watch it for yourself. But I promise it’s a real treat that will leave you in a much better mood.

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