Wild bear beats the summer heat by taking a nice dip in homeowner’s pool

It’s the middle of summer, and with temperatures hitting record highs lately many of us are really feeling the heat, and looking for ways to cool off.

It turns out, so are the animals. That’s what one homeowner found out, after witnessing a bear in his yard trying to cool off in a surprising way.

The Burbank Police Department, in California, responded to a call about a black bear that was in someone’s backyard. Arriving on the scene, they discovered something surprising: the bear was taking a relaxing dip in the homeowner’s Jacuzzi pool!


Video shared by the department show the bear in a casual, relaxed pose, as if he’s about to tell them “come on in, the water’s fine!”

Temperatures in Burbank went into the 90s last week, so it seems the bear was looking to cool off in the pool.

Bears aren’t the only wild animals that like to cool off in the summer: one homeowner even found a family of moose running through his sprinklers.

The bear’s relaxing cool-down didn’t last long; according to AP the bear then climbed over a wall and headed towards a tree behind the home.

While this bear was a lot more interested in chilling than causing any harm, the Burbank Police Department shared a list of safety tips for homeowners. They say you should secure your food, garbage and recycling, as well as any outdoor bird feeders and dog food, to avoid enticing hungry bears towards your home.

They also recommend keeping dogs leashed and carrying bear spray. The department also warns never to approach or feed bears, as they will defend themselves if people get too close.

It’s been a hot summer, so we can all relate to this bear trying to beat the heat. Who wouldn’t hop into a pool if given the chance?

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