Wild Boar Grows Up Assuming Lab’s His Mama And That He’s A Dog Too

Wild Boar Grows Up Assuming Lab’s His Mama And That He’s A Dog Too

A young couple named Dora and Nuwan stumbled upon a surprising discovery on their doorstep: a tiny wild boar was left on their stoop inside a cardboard box.

The couple, shocked by the unexpected arrival, decided to take the little pig under their wing and named her Yezhu.

Little did they know that their Labrador Retriever, Biu-Biu, would also play a significant role in Yezhu’s upbringing, creating a unique and heartwarming bond between the two animals.


When Yezhu was found, she was only a few weeks old and would not have survived without human intervention. Dora and Nuwan began feeding her cow’s milk, but Yezhu fell ill on the third day.

Despite the challenges of caring for a wild boar, the couple was determined to help Yezhu thrive.

Biu-Biu, their Labrador Retriever, stepped in to assist with Yezhu’s care. The nurturing dog taught the piglet how to eat, walk, and play, ultimately becoming a mother figure to Yezhu.

As Yezhu grew, Dora and Nuwan built her a separate house in their garden, complete with a small pool for her to swim in.


Today, Yezhu weighs twice as much as Biu-Biu, but she still considers the dog her mother. Due to her canine upbringing, Yezhu is convinced that she is a dog herself.

She loves spending time with Biu-Biu and the other dogs in the household, joining them for walks, playtime, and even sharing meals from the same bowl.

Dora and Nuwan are delighted by the harmonious relationship between their pets, who support each other in every aspect of their lives.

The unique bond between Yezhu and her canine sibling serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries.

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