Stranded Alone On An Island And On The Brink Of Death, He Just Wants Some Love

Photographer Wesley White often goes to exotic places for work purposes. On a recent trip to Thatch Caye in Belize, he was shocked to find a dying, emaciated stray on a deserted island while he was out kayaking. Wesley was heartbroken to see the sickly pup and named him Winston.


Source: winston_bz/Instagram


All of Winston’s bones were protruding, so Wesley delicately brought him to his boat and took him to the mainland. Wesley seemed to be the first human to show Winston any kindness. The poor dog wouldn’t stop wagging his tail and thanking Wesley for saving him.

Winston was taken to the hospital where he was treated for mites-infestation and dehydration. Wesley had just 2 days left on his trip, so he changed his schedule to use his time to get Winston into the safe hands of a local shelter and arrange for a foster family.


Source: winston_bz/Instagram


When Wesley came back home in Montana, he started missing Winston terribly. He felt like he had given up his own pup. Wesley already had 2 dogs at home, so he wasn’t sure if he could adopt another dog or if his dogs would like Winston’s shy company.


Source: Wesley G. White/Facebook


After some contemplation, Wesley knew that he could not live with the regret of letting Winston go. He made arrangements to bring Winston home. Sure enough, Winston was waiting to embrace his savior with hugs and kisses. Wesley’s dogs also welcomed Winston with open paws. Now, isn’t that the perfect fairy tale ending for Winston?

Check out the video below to watch Winston’s sweet reaction at seeing Wesley and how he begs him for some love!

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