Woman Adopted Pregnant Dog Slated For Euthanasia And Her Dog’s X-Ray Deceived Her

Ava, a pregnant Chow mix, was slated for euthanasia at a shelter to make more space for incoming dogs; and to make matters worse, she was pregnant.

Luckily, a kind-hearted woman named Ashlee Holland came across Ava and knew she was her only hope of surviving, so she decided to adopt her. Holland was also a mother, so she felt a connection with Ava.

Facebook/Ava and her 18 Royals

Holland brought Ava to the vet for a health check and an x-ray, but it didn’t reveal exactly how many puppies Ava would have. Less than two weeks later, Ava went into labor during one evening.

Facebook/Ava and her 18 Royals

She had her first puppy a few hours later. She had another four puppies within the next hour, and took a break, and then had another two an hour after that.

Her contractions had stopped, so her human changed her bedding and got her cleaned up while she cared for her seven pups.

But little did her human know, she wasn’t done having puppies. During the night, she went on to have eight more puppies! As the hours went by, Ava wound up. . .  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video!

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