Woman Dresses Her Dog Up In Comical Outfits To Combat Bad News

Thor the Boston Terrier never met a food he didn’t like. That’s what his Instagram profile says, along with the fact that the Canadian pooch is lovebug extraordinaire. His owner, Lisa Mazuerak, loves dressing Thor up and making people smile every day.

A few months after losing their family dog, Lisa and her partner, Garnett, picked up Thor from a litter of pups. The little ones were each named after a Marvel comic hero. Thor is the name this pint-sized cutie came with, so it stuck.

Source: @thorthebrownboston/Instagram

In the short time she’s had an Instagram account for Thor, Lisa says she wanted to do something to help take people’s minds off the pandemic.

“I took and posted a picture of Thor and thought, ‘he’s pretty funny,’” she said. “I should work on making people smile, because, right now, there’s so much bad news out there.”

Source: @thorthebrownboston/Instagram

Thor loves all the photo sessions and dress-up fun, according to Lisa. He sees the camera and eagerly poses because he knows treats are coming.

“The key to the pictures is getting it over with quickly,” Lisa shared. “I take a lot of pictures to get one good one. I try to keep Thor interested.”

Source: @thorthebrownboston/Instagram

It’s working because Thor’s profile features many adorable snapshots that are keeping his followers happy and entertained.

Watch one of Thor’s videos below.

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