Dying Dog With Tumor Gets Special Delivery And Second Chance, Owners Are In Awe

Ofbakische, or Offy for short, is a 13-year-old German Shepherd that has a large number of health problems and a few tumors throughout his body.

After he refused to eat, the vet suggested to put him down and his owners knew that he didn’t have much life left, so they wanted to do something special to make the most of the rest of his time.

They decided to take him to his favorite spot down by the river, one last time and Lynn, Offy’s owner, reached out to the Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeers Group for additional support.

It was the group’s response that truly touched her heart when Linda Nadeau a member of the group, volunteered to make Offy a prayer blanket.

The group does this for sick, abused, and dying pets all over the country, but Offy was a special case.

Because he lived around an hour away, Linda hand delivered this blanket to Offy and got to visit and pray for him.

Linda’s husband drove her on the journey because she couldn’t stop crying long enough to make the drive.

When she got to Offy’s house, she put the blanket on his body, pet him and prayed that he would experience comfort and healing.

After the experience, Linda said, “It was a very spiritually and emotionally overwhelming experience.”

Lynn, Offy’s mom was emotional to witness this sweet encounter and she was very thankful for what Linda did for her puppy.

The group has sent hundreds of blankets each month, to other dogs, cats, even horses, and pigs.

The Blanketeers are really making a difference in the lives of these precious animals because they realize they are able to live a different life, rather than being sick or abused. It gives them hope, love, and comfort, to survive.

Almost a year after receiving the blanket, Offy is getting back to eating like usual and he seems happier now. Lynn and her fiance are grateful for every extra moment they’ve gotten with Offy.

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Image/Article Source: today.com

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  1. Where is all the tumors coming from!!????? Could it be the dog food!!! I fed my shih tzu’s Little Bites and Cesar all their life! When they got to old age around 12 years old ,their back legs gave out and they had to drag them!!! We started giving them steak,pork chops,roast after one week they could walk normal again!!! I heard there is a new dog food Trudog that is a raw meat diet!! Don’t know how to get it at a pet store!! No one has it in stock!!!!Maybe you can only order it on line!!!

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