Her Pup Disappears. 2 Years Later, Watch Her Meet A Shelter Dog 1,080 Miles Away From Home…

If you’re a pet owner, one of your biggest fears is probably losing your beloved pet. You fear that one day, your pup will run off and get lost when he’s not on a leash, or that your cat will find her way outside when you accidentally leave your back door open.

When pets get to know the great outdoors, it’s not unfathomable that they can’t find their way back home. Sometimes, if they’re picked up by a shelter, they’re found hundreds of miles away from their homes.

That was the case for a dog named Zeus, who disappeared two years ago. His owner searched everywhere for him, but with no result.

Then, she got a surprise call from Dearborn, a city located 1,080 miles away from her. She didn’t hesitate to jump in her car and drive all the way there, hoping that she was, in fact, going to meet Zeus after such a long time.

Then came the moment of truth: would the pup recognize her? Would he be happy to see her? We can’t imagine how nervous this dog owner must have felt…

Watch the clip to see if this pup welcomed her as she hoped he would on the next page!

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